The Best-Rated Antivirus For MacBooks

Today, in a crowded cybersecurity market, it’s hard to find a truly secure antivirus for Mac. Most software brands simply offer a basic version with intrusive advertising, limited capabilities and serious vulnerabilities that you and your Mac will not be protected against.

Many other antivirus programs are actually spyware programs that try to trick you into gaining access to your computer’s resources and stealing your information. That’s why it is important to find a fully tested product that is guaranteed to provide at least a basic level of protection without compromising your cybersecurity. There is a rating of all the major antivirus software developed for Mac on the market — specifically designed for Mac computers — to find the best and 100% secure products that can provide protection.

If you only need a simple scan and basic protection from viruses, then almost all antiviruses are right for you. But if you need to safeguard important information and you do not want to become a victim of ransomware or extensive malicious attacks, you should invest in a reliable antivirus. For these purposes you should choose Clario, which offers the best protection for macOS.


What is the best antivirus software for Mac

Antivirus software protects against programs that damage computers or smartphones, and sometimes even steal users’ personal data.

A virus is usually a block of code that damages a specific program and spreads between users through infected email attachments. Today’s virus development is much more complicated and dangerous. Viruses can damage boot areas, require ransom payments, hard root into system memory, and more.

Antivirus is the main line of defense against cyber threats. Using a system of definition and behavioral recognition, it finds, quarantines and safely removes threats to the operating system.


Top Antiviruses for Mac

Many antivirus packages have functionality that is much inferior to their competitors. The differences between programs are in the  package bundle, application functionality and system requirements. The following ant-virus programs are the best choice for users of MacBooks: Intego, Comodo, Avast, Norton and Clario


Program Firewall Parental control Customization option Anti-malware feature Slows down the system Has security holes
Intego + + +
Comodo + + + +
Avast + + + +
Norton + + + +
Clario + + + +


In any case, which antivirus  to set up is a decision that each user must make independently. The most important thing is to try not to visit suspicious sites, regularly update anti-virus databases, and not agree to dubious offers to download and install software of unknown origin.


What’s the best antivirus solution for a Mac

The major of most antiviruses is that antivirus packages do not cope with their basic responsibilities – they do not detect all threats. In other words, after scanning by other antiviruses, “infected” files are detected in the system. However, this problem is resolved by Clario.

The product of Clario is distinguished by a clear and simple interface, regular updating of anti-virus databases and quick response to new threats. You can familiarize yourself with the best solutions for organizing the protection of Macs from malicious programs on the website with Clario.

Considering all the pros and cons of the above-mentioned anti-virus solutions, we can conclude that the best today is Clario antivirus. 

Clario software not only allows fencing devices from “infection” by malicious programs, but also performs a number of additional actions that are aimed at ensuring the maximum degree of data protection.