What do you need to know about Tapsnake virus?

When you visit some websites, you may stumble upon a security alert that you get infected. It is called “virus Tapsnake” though it is a fake virus. It purports to scare not tech-savvy users and make take actions. Being obtrusive, this so-called virus complicates surfing the Internet.

If you see a warning “Mac has detected Tapsnake infection”, you shouldn’t follow any instructions set forth in it. It may tell that files are infected and you need to call the specialist on the following number. Never give a ring. It may cost you a fortune or scammers will try to sell you support programs or software.


How to protect your Mac from Tapsnake

  1.     Disregard a “security” alert

If you have a suspicious warning on your screen, just close it and continue operations. If you can’t close the window, quit the browser..

  1.     Be careful while opening links

Be wary about the websites you visit and do not ignore browser warnings that state that the link you clicked is unsafe. Pay attention to the links you stumble across on the Internet. Moreover, never follow the link in an email or message if you do not who sent it. 

  1.     Use an antivirus to get rid of malware

In order to block the malicious activity of Tapsnake, you may use one of the way-out antivirus software for MacBooks which is Clario. It scans your device and detects  threats for Mac.


How to remove Tapsnake

Remember that Tapsnake is a fake virus there is no need to delete anything. If the alert contains the phone number, it won’t damage the system. Though if an alert has a link, it will lead to a download of malware on your device. It can be realized through setting up a supposedly licensed application. What to do in such a case?

  1.     Delete An Application 

Find recently added application in Application folder and get rid of it.

  1.     Inspect the extensions of your browser

If you find a file that you didn’t install, immediately remove it.


Tapsnake is not a real virus

Do not forget that an alert stating that your Mac is infected is fake. Just pay no attention to it, close the window, quit the browser and restart a Mac. If you install malicious software, use an antivirus tool such as Clario. Scan your Mac with clarion on the regular basis and the device will be protected from any malware.