What is Mac OS X Virus Scanner?

Mac OS X Virus Scanner is a free instrument for simple and successful taking away of malware from any device without installing anti-virus software. It is based on a combination of two malware discovery mechanisms: by signature analysis and analysis of program behavior.

  • Scans without need for program setup
  • Discovers all types of threats
  • Does away with malware of any originĀ 

Using Mac OS X Virus Scanner, a user can check his device for potential threats even if it has another protective solution. Application looks for traces of malware on the device employing diverse kinds of scanning technologies that are easily configured inside the product. The solution not only informs the user in detail on the results, but also allows to dispose of various dangerous items found.


Why should I install Virus Scanner?

Detector scanners are among the leading services created to combat malware. The main advantage of such technologies is the portability and relevance of signature databases. Another benefit is that they do not need to be installed, as some can block the installation of an antivirus program.

Advantages of Mac OS X Virus Scanner:

  • does not conflict with installed software and permanent anti-virus programs;
  • control of the volume of scanning and the selection of objects for verification are available;
  • does not require setup: it is launched both from the hard drive and from a portable device.
  • efficiently detects harmful software, isolates, sends to quarantine;
  • has a clear interface;
  • installs even in an infected environment, working in a safe mode;
  • collects system data and creates scripts.


How to use X Virus Scanner on Mac OS?

Launch Mac OS X Virus Scanner by means of any browser and pick areas to scan. Conducting a scanning procedure does not provide for logging into the administrator account and is compatible with the antivirus installed.

You are free to scan the whole device or identify the desired area, comprising individual folders, autostart group and sector of downloads. After scanning, you will be asked to delete the detected files or move them to a protected area where you will be able to recover them.

This technology detects all kinds of threats: worms, trojans and spyware, etc. The technology uses proactive detection of known and previously undisclosed threats, as well as current signature databases.