What is Safe Finder and How to Get Rid of It?

Safe Finder is a kind of malware which prevents the operational system of Mac from working correctly. It interferes with Internet browsing redirecting a user to an unwanted web site. This malware perverts DNS setting on MacBooks which harms the whole system. This malware is promoted as “perfect tool for safe browsing” with a set of useful functions. Though this app just makes web browsers get completely out of control. As a result, a gullible user won’t be able to visit any website except as malicious ones allowed by the application.


Protect your Mac from Safe Finder

In order to avoid the fate of the victim you need to know how malware gets installed on Mac. Usually users are not deceived by its unique functions to set up it themselves. The point is that people just let it slip out of focus when installing another app. It is usually not an evident process so a user may not easily detect a threat and prevent its infiltration. If you set up a program, remember to  cancel the selection of extra elements accompanying the installment of an app. 

Another common problem is a simultaneous infection of Mac with Safe Finder and ad-injecting app. This malware will complicate web browsing by displaying a lot of advertising information on pages. Taking into consideration the unobvious infiltration, users are to cope with the outcomes of the attacks which is not so easy.


How to get rid of Safe Finder on Mac

  1.     Open Utilities folder
  2.     Click on Activity Monitor
  3.     Find malware and choose Quit Process
  4.     Select Force Quit in the dialogue window
  5.     Select Go to Folder in Go menu.
  6.     Paste “/Library/LaunchAgents” in the search dialogue
  7.   Remove com.ExpertModuleSearch.plist
  8.     In Go to Folder paste ~/Library/LaunchAgentsand remove the same entry.
  9. In the same way paste  /Library/LaunchDaemons folder and remove  the following entries: 
    • com.ExpertModuleSearchDaemon.plist
    • com.ExpertModuleSearchP.plis
  10. Open Go menu, choose Applications and remove Safe Finder or SystemNotes 1.0 entries
  11. Open Apple Menu and choose System Preferences option.
  12. Find Users & Groups and chooseLogin Items. Delete SmartSignalSearch entry there.

Be cautious when installing programs and apps from the Internet. You may be deceived by such malware as Safe Finder. Though not all experts mark it a virus (some consider it a potentially unwanted program), you should avoid it by all means.