What is Spigot?

Spigot is not a virus so it cannot damage your operating system. Though this adware is able to significantly complicate your surfing on the Internet by displaying intrusive advertising on your Mac. Be very careful when downloading files and programs from unreliable sites as there is always a threat to get your device infected.


How you can get a Spigot?

Spigot does not reproduce itself and moves from computer to computer over the network or through shared storage, though you can get it through installing apps from supposedly reputable sources.

Once downloaded, it installs the extensions that are usually named various kinds of Assistants. But they don’t help, instead the malware will display intrusive ads on your Mac. The most dangerous point about that is advertising will direct to web pages with the risk of being infected by viruses or other malware. 

Another threat is that your data, for example the search history, passwords and IP addresses are tracked by the malware.

If you have installed something on your Mac from a source you cannot be sure in and then started to see unwanted, obsessive adverts, you have Spigot on your device. Do not follow advertising to protect your device from being infected.


How can you remove Spigot from your MacBook?

Here are steps you are to take in order to get rid of this adware.

Safari Chrome Firefox
1.     Open Preferences  1.     Paste  chrome://extensions in the address bar 1.     Open More in the browser and locate Add ons.
2.     Find Searchme extension in the Extensions 2.     Find  Searchme extension 2.     Find the Searchme extension in Extensions
3.     Click Uninstall 3.     Click Remove button 3.     Remove it
4.     Do the same actions with the Shopping Assistants however named 4.     Repeat these steps with any Shopping Assistant you find 4.     4. Remove Shopping Assistants as well.


 Those using other browsers should open Library on the Go menu, past the entries as follows and remove them:



~Application Support/Spigot/

Best way to protect your Mac

All these steps may seem too difficult for the average user so there is a reliable solution. Set up Clario on your Mac to keep your device safe from malware. Open the antivirus tool, press Scan and then remove the adware and other threats. If you do it constantly, your Mac will never get infected as Clario detects all malware promptly to minimize the harm they produce.